Candid Conversations, Effective Strategies, and Commitments to Action

Vince brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in K-12 education, innovation, and career learning from his years of growing PLTW from an $8.5M to $120M organization and transforming it into the nation’s leading STEM education program, fundraising over $175M, leading one of America’s largest urban school districts, and developing career pathways as a school leader.

Vince has consulted with organizations such the U.S. Department of State, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, U.S. Department of Labor, countries including South Korea and Oman, companies such as Toyota and John Deere, State Departments of Education, community and state economic development agencies, non-profits, school districts, and universities.

He believes the challenges facing our students and global economy – from the skills and aspirations gaps to unemployment and underemployment – are solvable. But we must have candid conversations, effective strategies, and commitment to action.

K-12 Education, Innovation, and Career Learning

Vince helps organizations innovate and create the conditions for students to develop high demand skills and prepare for careers. He helps companies strategize about their investments in K-12 education and operate in the K-12 education space.

Developing & Recruiting the Next Generation of Skilled Talent

Companies are in a war for talent, and to win they must play an essential role in developing and recruiting the next generation workforce. His view is that passive or unengaged companies, communities, states, and nations will simply lose. Vince’s focus is on supporting student’s career preparation, recruiting them early, and eliminating self-imposed barriers.

“Vince Bertram is the most forward thinker in the past 20 years for STEM development and educational reform. The FAME Career Pathway is proclaimed by many as the best career pathway globally. It would not have been possible without Vince, his vision, and his leadership.”

Dennis Dio Parker, TOYOTA Motor North America & Founder of FAME

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