“Thankfully America has a tradition dating back to Colonial times of not being passive when serious challenges arise. Vince Bertram is a splendid example of this can-do, let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-do-something-about-it characteristic.”
Steve Forbes, CEO
Forbes Media, LLC
“I knew I was going to enjoy reading your book after the first page. It feels like you are talking directly to me. It’s easy to read and not complicated. I don’t know how you did it, but you explained how many students like myself think. It’s amazing how the book shifted my perspective on subjects I thought were just too hard for me. You are changing lives!”
Karina Reynoso, Student
Florida International University
“(Vince) Bertram has proven to be a very capable business leader, but it's his passion and commitment to equity that has been an inspiration to his staff and supporters.”
Tom Vander Ark, Forbes.com
“Vince, you are one of those rare leaders who is so incredibly passionate to help teachers and students move beyond the reality of limited thinking. Your collaborative conversations encouraged our students to dream big dreams. Your passion is so contagious, and it helped our kids to believe they could achieve anything.”
Jon Laffoon, Superintendent
Farmington, AR
“Vince Bertram was a featured speaker at numerous FAME events, including at our North American FAME Conference and AMT Live! efforts which drew international attendees. Vince captivated the STEM and workforce-oriented audiences, bringing his unique ability to illustrate in real, understandable, and frank terms the most crucial educational crises impacting us today. He is in the top tier of our most popular speakers.”
Dennis Dio Parker
TOYOTA Motor North America & Founder of FAME
“Our students have been talking about the experience since you left. They really enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and especially appreciated all the time you spent with them. We were hoping there was going to be a great deal of interactions with students and we weren’t disappointed.”
Paul Scriver, President
Shoreland Lutheran High School, WI
“It was an absolute honor and privilege to have you as our guest speaker for last night’s commencement. Your speech was encouraging, personable, and allowed our students to gain insights into post-secondary life and beyond. As you were speaking, I looked out into the audience of students, teachers, administrators, and families - they were captivated.”
Tina Powell
The Orange Public Schools
“Thank you so much for mentoring me over the past six years. You have had a tremendous impact on my life. You taught me how to be a visionary leader, develop my organizational management skills, showed me how to be sincere and prioritize service to others in all my endeavors, and helped me make critical decisions regarding my education. With your help, by the age of 23, I started a dental clinic, created a non-profit organization that provides education to hundreds of children in need, received full ride scholarships to college, and received admissions offers to seven medical schools with scholarships. I could not have accomplished such ambitious goals without your guidance and mentorship.”
Sammy Chouffani El Fassi, Medical School Student
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“It was wonderful to have you visit our classes. It was above and beyond! The students loved hearing your leadership story, and they definitely loved learning more about your passions and expertise. Thank you!”
Debra Lecklider, College of Education
Butler University
“Vince Bertram is the most forward thinker in the past 20 years for STEM development and educational reform. The FAME Career Pathway is proclaimed by many as the best career pathway globally. It would not have been possible without Vince, his vision, and his leadership.”
Dennis Dio Parker
TOYOTA Motor North America & Founder of FAME